21st Century Program

With a variety of high quality services, our 21st Century Learning Program provides students with opportunities for continuous learning and development. Enriching programs such as Tech Trekkers, sewing, Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics (STEM), and basketball are designed to enhance and complement the regular academic program of participating students during non-school hours.


School Services Coordinator

Ms. McClelland, our School Services Coordinator, or SSC, coordinates resources to ensure that all students at Waipahu Elementary School have the opportunity to succeed. As the point of contact, Ms. McClelland facilitates conversations between teachers, parents, students, and all parties involved so that all of our students are strengthened.


Parent-Community Networking Center

Located in P-1, our Parent-Community Networking Center (PCNC) provides an environment in which partnerships among the home, school and community are nurtured. Through these partnerships, our school-based PCNCs’, Mrs. Kalili and Mrs. Agiga, collaborate to ensure student success and build a sense of community and family here at Waipahu Elementary School.